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National Fish Habitat Partnership National Assessment Results Viewer
The NFHP National Assessment Results Viewer allows NFHP assessment viewer screenshotusers to visualize the results reported in Through a Fish's Eye: The Status of Fish Habitats in the United States 2010. It depicts the condition of stream and coastal habitats across the country at various spatial scales, while offering a variety of base maps and providing one-click access to more detailed information on landscape disturbances and habitat scores for individual stream catchments.
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National Fish Habitat Partnership Data Theme Viewer
The NFHP Data Theme Viewer provides NFHP data theme viewer screenshota summarized look at available data by theme. Datasets are displayed to show data distribution and data density nationally, compared to available data linked to the NFHP spatial framework. Data themes will reflect the needs and priorities of NFHP determined through the efforts of the National Science and Data Committee. The first theme to be provided is Biological Data. This is being made possible by efforts and resources from the National Aquatic GAP Analysis Program. Fish barriers are also a high priority and Connectivity Data is the next theme of focus.
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