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Partner Resources

The National Fish Habitat Board has designated the U.S. Geological Survey to be the home of the National Fish Habitat Partnership (NFHP) Data System. The NFHP Data System consists of the National Assessment Results Viewer, the NFHP Data Theme Viewer, and the underlying data management tools that enable partners to access and download authoritative NFHP data resources and map services.

The National Fish Habitat Board's vision for the NFHP Data System is to provide centralized services that help minimize the duplication of efforts among the partnership at large. Developing consistent practices for managing scientific data and information is critical for enabling these tools to be effective.

The NFHP Science and Data Standard Operating Procedures for Partners will continue to develop as we work iteratively with the Fish Habitat Partnerships and other cooperators. These guidelines are being established to support best practices in data management that will improve the data exchange among NFHP and with other partners and stakeholders.

Guidance documents and Board-approved plans developed by the Science and Data Committee are available for download below.
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